Web Design and web development

Make your presence on the Information Highway. The time is perfect to get your business on the internet. Just deciding you are ready for web enabling your system is not all there is to it. First you need your website well developed. Don't forget that first impressions are the lasting ones. You need a site that users will return to time and time and again.

Already have web site?

Have you decided to go with an outsourced or tired developing firm? Don't go into it blindly. Thousands of companies have hung out site development shingles over the past years. It is very important to make sure that the developing firm you pick really knows what you want and they are doing.

Acuity team has good expertise in internet application development. We design, host and maintain your web site ranging from a brochure size site to a complete e-commerce application. No matter what is the size of your business and your needs, we have a solution for you.

E-Commerce Solutions

Several factors contribute to hesitancy on the part of business enterprises trying to initiate e-commerce on the internet. Those are,

Lack of knowledge - A feeling of where do we begin

Security issues

Confusion about Payment schemes

Concerns about marketing

Internet is a very good marketing tool. What makes it such a good medium for big deal marketing!? Because, it is easy. It is fast. And it is pervasive.

If you have a product to sell online, you don't have to struggle for all these things. We are the ultimate solution for you to make your plans a reality.

Intranet Based Applications:

Many companies are in the process of moving their corporate client/server applications to browser based applications to make available to the entire intranet. Intranet based applications reduce the IT costs, requirement of less resources on workstations and takes less time for any further system changes. Acuity team is capable of making your work done.

We follow a functional process to make a successful completion of our internet applications.
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Web Development Process